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They say the world is divided between those who love cats or dogs, and although we do not believe this to be the all the way, here are some recommendations boolino for those who can not resist a feline look:

City of Bones epub of the author and photographer Andy Porkh, edited by Tin Sal (+3 years)

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A lovely, catlike and original alphabet in which we see Kate Prokh, the daughter of the photographer, and his Ladie Royal Blue cat Lilu sharing moments together. Kate and Lilu connect to such an extent that they blend in and do the same.

A book that shows a pure, innate, adventurous and brave essence, the point at which animals and humans are; the spirit of discovery, that point of curiosity.

Andy Pokh, whose photograph your cat with sunglasses has been around the world, was an economist who left everything to portray what he loved most, his daughter and her cat. His adventures inspired him so much that did not hesitate a moment to photograph both engage in a series of scenes that started sharing since Kate was born. Photos that show us a deep and sincere friendship that transcends all barriers.

The photos are presented to us in abc format and introduce words always linked to what we see in pictures, words dealing with synthetically distill everything that has been set by Andy Prokh camera.

A beautiful book in black, tender and perfect for gift giving or to give us and white.

The fault in our stars pdf author and illustrator Gilles Éduard, published by Youth (+1 year)

house of cats 295x300 Books for cat lovers

The house cats  a hilarious and very complete book-flaps in the game that present different scenes that occur in cats is home. The cats live peacefully oblivious to the large group of mischievous mice that fills every corner of the house.

A book of large, colorful and with many small scenes and people to go slowly discovering illustrations. After the many flaps have to go looking for each and every one of the mice that lurk in every part of the house; in paintings, lamps, on the piano, the bathroom, watches, toys, washer … They are everywhere!

Surprise, humor, everyday life and family are the four components that make this book a lovely gift for younger children to enjoy for hours knowing cats and mice and all their customs.

Divergent PDF of the author and illustrator Susan Herbert, edited by Tin Sal (+12 years).

Books cats 284x300 movie for cat lovers

The author and illustrator of  Cats film  became famous for humanizing cats and specifically universal reinterpreting great works of art by adding the cats as protagonists.

In this case Susan Herbert offers us a series of scenes from famous movies, yesterday and today, featuring funny, and sometimes disturbing, humanized cats. His admiration for these animals is such that it is considered the cat artist.

The book is divided into different sections where you will see famous actresses reinterpreted from comedians or historical films, all accompanied by the corresponding linguistic play to indicate the alter ego catlike. Find, for example, to a Marilyn in a scene from “The mews above temptation.”

The illustrations are clear references to classic and contemporary film, irony, linguistic play and humor combine. A book that will allow readers to discover 12 years from a series of figures and famous films reinterpreted so catlike.

The book is also accompanied by a drop poster with the image of the cat Marilyn and a list of all movies referenced are made so that we would not pass a single scene.

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Cats and Coffee: The top 10 cat cafés World

A “Coffee Cats” is a themed venue serving drinks (and maybe food) but in which the main attraction is cats. Skyscanner presents 10 of the best cafes World cats.

Yes, it’s a cafe and is full of cats. They usually work like this: you pay a price (usually hours) and so can pet and play with the cats in a “pet rent control.” Of course, coffee workers are usually human.

Cat cafes are a relatively recent phenomenon. The first opened in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1998 , attracting not only locals but also tourists from Japan, a country known to be fond of cats. Japan has its own cafeterias cats since 2004 when the first opened in Osaka . Today there are more than 30 only in Tokyo.

Coffees cats have very strict rules with their clients so that their feline tenants are healthy and well behaved. For example, ensure that not too upset to cats, as they do not tend to like children from pulling them from the queue and often prefer to be alone for napping peacefully.

1 Chan luu singapore, Singapore

In addition to serving coffee, many cat cafes have a mission to sensitize the public on the importance of the welfare of the cats and the problems faced, for example, feral or abandoned cats. The chan luu singapore (“neko” is the Japanese word for cat and “neko no niwa” means “garden of cats”) only takes stray cats and rescued. The owners Sam and Sue say: “While the cat cafés in Japan, Korea and Bangkok usually have only pedigreed cats, we believe that all cats deserve to be loved, and even more so those without a home.” Its aim is to show that feral cats can be as cute and loving as the race. Among its tenants are Emma, ​​a rarity as only 15% of white cats with blue eyes are not deaf.

2. Gatoteca, Madrid , Spain

While many would love to welcome needy cats The Gatoteca can only have 15 furry kittens . Although their goal is to find a home for cats crossing your door. Its current residents are Pulguita , a small stray cat that loves to lick and Pancho , a quiet and good-natured cat who lived in a clearing with friends until the drove them away.

3 Le Café des Chats, Paris, France

Perhaps Parisians are known for their love of cats not lapdogs, but in 2013 opened Le Café des Chats in the Marais . Takes in abandoned and stray cats selected based on their sociability to other cats and people. Of course, being in Paris , have a restaurant, but it is not allowed to feed the cats.

4. Temari no Ouchi / Nyafe Melange Tokyo, Japan

The unions Tokyo cafes offer a service to many feline lovers of the city who do not have the space or who are not allowed to have a kitty at home. There are at least 39 cat cafés in the city, among which there are some that specialize in strange races, black cats and … Fat Cats! . Yeah, really Tokyo also has options for lovers of other animals: there are also cafes rabbits and cats coffee also has a goat. Try the Temari no Ouchi or Nyafe Melangein the charming neighborhood of Shibuya.

5. Il Neko Café, Turin, Italy

The first cat cafe opened in Italy on April 5, 2014 in Vanchiglia, Turin . Cats, among which is the gray and white kitty who came to Bernard Il Neko black as a chimney sweep, have their own space, plus a communal games …

6 Purrfect Cat Café, Penang, Malaysia

George Town, technological and modern center of Penang , has a new attraction: a cafe cats. Star Purrfect Cat Café is Snowy, the mascot of the cafe, a white female with one blue eye and one green. It’s beautiful!

Neko Café 7, Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the spiritual home of the cafes, but the Sacher cake is not the only sweet thing you can have in the sweet paradise of Vienna. Pamper Viennese cats Sonia, Thomas, Momo, Moritz and Luca in the katzen kaffeehaus Neko Café . Maybe here you can not taste the famous Sachertorte, because its owner is Japanese and the specialty is bancha (Japanese tea) to accompany your smoked salmon sushi. And Sonia chifla the salmon …

8 Purr Cat Café Club, Bangkok, Thailand

The Purr Cat Café Club of Bangkok , owned by TV star Tattanarat Uataweekul, home to 14 Persian cats, and a stylist jacks and a shop selling “outfits chic cats” (we’re not quite sure if they are for cats or their owners). The rules include “do not disturb them, hit them, grab them or feed them cake”.

9 Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London , United Kingdom

After a campaign to open a cafe in London cats, Cat Lady Dinah’s Emporium opened in Shoreditch on March 1, 2014 with a few rescued cats. Here you’ll be able to know Mue, Biscuit, Romeo and other kittens for £ 5 for a two hour session. It is very popular and book, as it is full until June needed. They are planning to install a “cat camera” so you can see what their cats from home.

10 Cat Coffee, Vilnius, Lithuania

Newly opened, the Cat Café in Vilnius is the newcomer to the cat cafés of Europe. This really cute local you can pamper a dozen affectionate and happy cats. This takes very seriously its social work and also to ensure the happiness of the kittens also earmark part of its profits to shelter development and welfare of cats in Lithuania.

For a complete list of current and upcoming cafes cats (such as crowdfunding project KitTea San Francisco) take a look at the Wikipedia.

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