60 essential apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone

During the past few years, Apple is known as mobile operators have the strongest ecosystem , including the best apps , brings something very unique to the user in both applications and games . Honestly , its hard to be able to challenge Apple ‘s Appstore .

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But there is something of the past , and now we have to accept the fact that Android has almost caught up , took almost all the applications and games essential . You will not miss any opportunity to move from iOS to Android , and vice versa .

First, we will have the first glimpse of the figure . In fact , Apple has revealed its Appstore 650,000 applications . The most recent numbers on Google ‘s Android platform Play 600,000 apps , 50,000 fewer than iOS apps .

Certainly these numbers will surprise to you , we also hope that Android passed Apple in the application of the near future . But more importantly , you can not download most of the apps available on the Appstore or Google Play , download the app that you feel necessary to get maximum performance when using the 2 smartphone platform.

We have listed out 60 games and user applications worth paying attention to . In addition to iOS and Android , as mentioned , we also added the Windows Phone app so you can compare and evaluate easier for 3rd party applications . Microsoft ‘s platform is still new, and need both 1 long way to better compete with Apple 2 platform and Android now .


Here is a list of 60 essential apps , maybe it is not as perfect as you would expect, but it includes most of the basic utilities you need. We have arranged for a reasonable application of the HOT from the top down . The remaining problem is due to your dependent may add, delete or remove any application if it is not needed . Despite that , the iOS App Store dominant , partly because iPad has brought very high attraction on the Appstore app , which Android should learn. But still can not say anything before . Along wonders waiting from Windows 8 operating system is about to be launched . How to market apps?

Top 15 applications best in the first Android

You ‘re wondering what to select applications for hundreds of thousands of apps that Google provides . In this article Techz will help you do that with the 15 best applications for Android .

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Google PlayStore offers over 850,000 applications , and this number continues to grow . For Android users to see which applications are tested good , bad application , the application is appropriate or not appropriate for your device is impossible . To help users more easily in the selection , please provide the following Techz 15 applications users download the most .

WhatsApp ( Free )


WhatsApp Messenger is messaging applications for Android and other smartphones . This app uses 3G or WiFi to message with friends and family . Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages , images , audio and video messages . The first year you used this app for free, but next year will apply a fee of $ 0.99 USD / year .

Instagram ( Free )


Instagram is a tool that allows users to capture and edit images with a filter to produce a very interesting product . Tools add features to create artistic effects to photos taken on mobile . Then , users can share their photos with friends on Instagram , or posted to Twitter , Facebook , or email .

QuickOffice Pro ( $ 14.99 )


QuickOffice Pro is the first Android application supports edit the Word file format , Execel and Powerpoint .

With Quickoffice Pro you can fully enjoy the ability to create , view , edit Microsoft Office files including Word documents , Excel spreadsheets , and PowerPoint presentations .

Moreover, you can also access remote files from Google Docs , Dropbox , Box , Huddle , SugarSync , and MobileMe from your account or from the SD card .

Dropbox ( Free )


Dropbox is software that relies on cloud computing , which allows users to store data online and exchange between devices together . Versions for Android not only allows you to access pictures and videos stored online , but also gives you the option to open various file types .

Snapseed ( Free )


Snapseed photo editing app is great , it can turn ordinary photos into fun shapes with high quality only by the simple touch operations .

With Snapseed , anyone can upgrade , convert and share personal photos with ease using the advanced features unique from digital applications on top Play Store .

Features integrated Google+ makes Snapseed becomes stronger , allowing users to share photos with family and friends easily .

According to users , Snapseed is a photo editing software top professional on Android .

Despicable Me : Minion Rush ( Free )


Minion Rush inspired the movie Despicable Me Minion yellow note cute , lovely and very mischievous . Game play is simple and fun platform -style graphics animated cute and totally free Google Play Store has created a craze for gamers .

Timely ( Free )


Timely Alarm Clock is an application that first impression to the user by the beautiful looks impressive . The system interface is extremely ” charming ” is converted flexible , versatile interface from the interface to the other . The theme background also extremely rich . At the same time the switch operation on the interface screen is very delicate. Not only beautiful but formally Timely Alarm Clock also provides users with many useful features .

Amazon Kindle ( Free )


When you install and use the Amazon Kindle , you can access more than 725,000 e-books available on the Kindle Store , an open repository of knowledge , diverse and completely free . The most important point is the Kindle prc file format supports encryption ( encryption prc ) so it can be read by most eBook formats .

Astro File Manager ( Free )


ASTRO File Manager helps manage your data on mobile devices . ASTRO app marketing is quickly becoming the best mobile management system for Android . The Android operating system is designed to open and very flexible , have the opportunity to help users perform more work on your phone . ASTRO helps your phone reach a comprehensive level by providing management tools phones .

Key Features :

- Manage files on the SD card ( copy , move , rename )

- Manage multiple files and address book at the same time

- Backup applications

- Manage running applications

- Send files as attachments

- Display thumbnails and images

- Browse and create compressed files such as Zip and Tar .

Google Goggles ( Free )


This is a fun app , but compact but very early in life . It performs visual search . You can take pictures of a particular material , the app will try to tell you what that thing is . Although limited in scope , but this app is quite interesting , and most of it will reveal a new application in the future . One of the best features is the ability to take pictures of text in a foreign language and the app will automatically translate for you .

Go SMS Pro ( Free )


GO SMS Pro app Go Dev Team , bringing users to experience SMS / MMS fast, simple and convenient for many different user interface . This particular application also features Back up the message when you reset the computer room but do not want to lose important information in a conversation with someone . Go SMS supports the following features :

- Support SMS / MMS

- GO Share service , send file through 2G/3G/4G or WiFi or by SMS

- Support chat GO / Facebook

- Import Type Doodle , Handwriting

- Private box

- SMS installation time

- Mode group sent

- Quick reply , privacy

- Copy and store and send SMS to email

- Supports 200 Themes

- Customizable interface

- Security lock , Blacklist

- Support GETSTURE , transitions

- Support Emoji / plug -in .

Facebook ( Free )


Facebook now become extremely popular , you can access it anywhere from the computer to your smartphone via browser . However, installing a special application for the social network for you a more wonderful experience . Whenever a new comment or a message through Facebook online device will notify you .

Asphalt 8 : Airborne ( $ 0.99 )


Gameloft has released the official game Asphalt 8 : Airborne , the next version of the game ‘s most famous racing on the mobile device . With the price of $ 0.99 , the game is already available in the app store Google Play you can buy and download very easily. Manufacturer says Gameloft new version will have 8 new maps , can be listed as Nevada , London , Tokyo , Iceland with multiple track tape , dust and rain to challenge players . Asphalt 8 new physics engine effects to help bring a more realistic effect . Weather effects as well as a new in-game when rain , snow or dust are shown like in real life more .

New Releases and New Newspaper HD ( Free )


New Report is read online application on your phone Baomoi.com – Website synthesis of a Vietnam news . This application lets you read faster , updates and breaking news on the latest in integrated electronic from 150 newspapers in Vietnam . HD version is the version dedicated to tablets . outstanding features of this application :

- Read newspapers and news reader with beautiful interface and smooth like reading newspapers .

- Constantly updated news latest , hottest and selective synthesis of the intelligent online newspaper in Vietnam .

- Easily customizable interface , add the site online newspapers , news sites aggregate favorite on screen .

- Easy to share the exciting news on the leading social networks like Facebook , Twitter , Zing Me …

- Read the newspaper with news faster browsing speed , optimized for 2G and 2.5G connectivity .

Camera360 Ultimate ( Free )


Camera360 is currently one of the diverse imaging applications and download best quality and used by over 90 million users worldwide . Been studied , developed and improved based on the positive response of the community of users, the latest version of Camera360 is currently 4.0, with completely different interfaces , system functions are optimized , easy Effects and transitions effortlessly between Scenes , additional 7 main mode , faster response speed , capture timer, you can store and share your photos with resolution up to 2000 px thanks to Cloud services …

Above is the 15 best applications , the most popular Android users download the most in Vietnam . But because the Android app store growing bulge amounts to nearly 900,000 applications , the applications on the charts is only temporary . There will be new applications , better , and to help you keep up with this development , there are Appsgoneviral new article updates on tricks using Android in the near future .